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“My girlfriend recommended Dr. Perry when I told her I hadn’t been to the dentist in probably twenty years. I was so scared and embarrassed the first time I came to the office, but Dr. Perry was patient and gentle, and now I tell all my friends  and family about her.”  Adam R.

“I feel at home and relaxed like I’m visiting a old friend when I go for my dental checkups. Dr. Perry is cool and I like that she plays cool music and not that elevator stuff.”  Megan P.

“I had a toothache when I called Dr. Perry’s office. The receptionist was able to fit me in right away. Dr. Perry explained my options and I chose to get the tooth pulled because of my insurance. When Dr. Perry was finished I asked to see my tooth. I couldn’t believe she had pulled it since I didn’t feel a thing.”  Walter J.

“The office is comfortable, not snotty. I love the jazz. Dr. P gives you personal attention.”  Latrice J.

I walked in Dr. Perry's office with no appointment and in severe pain. She explained to me what was causing me trouble and what would have to be done. I walked out feeling like myself again. She is great!  Linda S.